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PK Holiday 2011: My Favorite Things...for Little Ones

Oh, how I love the kiddies! I don't have any of my own but I have about a dozen in my life that I would happily take a bullet for...ranging in size from baby to teenager! I love spending time with them and am regularly on the look-out for unique gifts for them! I found a few for the holidays so check out some of my ideas below!

Satin Bow Ugg Boots ($120; from Chasing Fireflies)

When I first saw these, I audibly gasped with joy! Anyone who knows me well knows that I would fight a duel to the death over my, admittedly ugly, brown Uggs. I even conducted a world-wide search for my dark purple Uggs and absolutely would not give up until I had a pair. (I eventually found them at a store in Hawaii and now they're mine. This is a true story.) The fact that Ugg is smart enough to get the young ones hooked early on their wonderful boots is a stroke of genius. I'm very tempted to buy these and save them for the future Baby PK but I do that a lot and it's sort of a habit I need to get out of...especially now that I'm in the middle of a small financial crisis. How about YOU buy them and send me a picture of your little sweetie in these??? I also have to say I'm super sad that they don't make these cute hot pink boots in adult sizes! Um, rude. (Note: This is a great catalog/website to get if you have kids. They always have such stylish things. It's a little pricey but it's fun to look, I always say!)

I love clever and this is a fabulously clever idea for your fussy little food monster.  The plate is divided into ramps and has "parking spots" for each of the utensils, which are shaped like various construction vehicles. The fork is a forklift (get it?), the spoon is a front-loader (I think I'm going to start calling spoons that in general; the analogy made me giggle) and there is a "food pusher" that is a bulldozer. The "food pusher" is a great addition in my opinion because I think it allows your little one a little independence while learning to feed themselves...sort of helps them along, pushes them if you will. (Note: This is another great catalog/website that features toys and games that REALLY encourage a child's creativity and imagination. I love that...get those babies away from the video games and TVs and get them learning and playing, old-school style...wheeeee!)

Little baby slippers shaped like fortune cookies that come in a Chinese take-out box...I just...I mean...I can't say anything else.

I loooooooove this little book. It's a sweet story, that your little reader can easily read aloud, about how you're already a special treasure by just being you. Precious. And the little monkey stuffed toy? I want to squeeze the hot cakes and sausages out of it...I'm sure you'll feel the same...I mean look at him!

A couple of weeks ago, I had a pure joy moment courtesy of two little angels (boys) while they danced their hearts out to "Just Dance 2" on their Nintendo Wii. I about fell out. I have all the "Just Dance" games myself and they absolutely so super fun (not to mention, they're an unbelievable workout). I'm glad they have a kids version of this game. It shows little muffins like themselves dancing and also has some more appropriate songs for your mini muffins to enjoy. While I prefer to give children gifts that get their imagination going, I think this game is wonderful because it gets them MOVING...and it's something you can play as a family. Perfect.

Your little man can be a fashionista too... can I get an amen! Chuck Taylors are a classic that will NEVER go out of style (there great for the gals too). If future Baby PK is a boy, he'll definitely have a pair! (If it's a GIRL, she'll have a pair!) I think a great gift idea would be to get a pair for Dad (or Mom) and a pair in the same color for the little one...boy, do they love to have something their parents have!!  Also, think about pairing their mini Chucks (and some mini jeans) with this FABULOUS Tie & Suspenders Shirt ($48), also from Chasing Fireflies. This little outfit is something I envision a young Tom Ford wearing...very stylish!

I give this book frequently as a gift (to gals, young and old). Coco Chanel is one of my most favorite people ever and her life story is one I NEVER tire of hearing. It's a wonderful story. This book tells it for the younger reader and tells of how Coco's imagination and determination shaped her into the legend she is today. It tells your little princess that it's ok to be different, to be themselves...something they should know from Day 1.

Some of my most precious treasures are a colorful drawing on a plain white piece of paper or on the back of simple. And it really is the simple things in life that bring the most joy, am I right? I currently have hanging on my fridge a beautiful "Barbie" in a green and yellow dress complete with a tiara and a flower in her hair. Perfection. I too have been known to get out my drawing set and's very relaxing and I'm really no artist. Give it a try! Note that at The Crayola Store you can customize your box of 64 for just $10.99 but you can pick up the original at any mass market retailer for less, I'm sure.

This is a great gift for "Baby's First Christmas" and a wonderful way to commemorate the arrival of a new bundle of joy. My mom has little plaster molds of my little PK paws and they're the cutest thing...I can't believe I was ever so tiny! I'm so glad she has them. These molds are so easy to use (and completely not traumatic) and you're also giving your favorite new parents a pine tree seedling to plant...and it's always a good thing to do something "green" as we all know! (RSH is a great new discovery for me, as well...sign-up to receive their catalog!)

I love love love love The Land of Nod! This is another "go-to" gift that I love to give the little ones. It's simple. It's a big plastic jar FILLED with fun art supplies like googly eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, glue pens, construction paper, wavy craft scissors, wooden buttons, spools, beads, craft sticks and a lot more. The possibilities of creations are endless!! This gift is for sweet peas aged six and up but there is also a junior version for $24.95 for sweet peas three and up in case you're interested. I could spend all day looking at all the fun things The Land of Nod has to offer! (I'm currently wishing I could buy their Triple Play ($169), a table that has ping-pong, Foosball and air hockey in one package. All three games are ones I could smoke anyone in, I'm confident to say. Haha!)

Oh! I received a note from a reader who loved the taffy hostess gift suggestion but asked me if there was perhaps a cheaper version that I'd recommend. Of course, and here it is:

Fralinger's/James' Salt Water Taffy is absolutely my favorite brand of taffy, hands down! This gift set allows you to pick six "satchels" of their famous taffy, as well as their mint sticks and peanut butter chews (also delicious).  Thinking of our budgets, this works out to under $4.00 per gift...good work! I think the satchel design is very festive and fine to give as is but to make it more formal to give as a hostess gift, break out the ol' cellophane bag, shreds and bow combo and you'll be just fine. (For your reference, I make a yearly trek to The Container Store to buy all of my standard gift wrapping supplies.)

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And remember, if you're pressed for time this holiday season and need some help getting your gift list together, I am always available to help with gift ideas, shopping and wrapping so shoot me a note if you need a little PK in your life (for a small fee, of course...I'm forced to be a recessionista at present)!

Next week, My Favorite Holiday Things for Guys and Gals...and an "If Only" list for those of you into the high-end luxury myself!

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